What do you want to carry
on your Draftmaster?
SWB on Draftmaster
Singles & tandem on Draftmaster
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Draftmaster can be configured to carry any mix
of singles, recumbents or tandems plus delta and tadpole trikes!

Two singles + tandem?
Two singles + two tandems or LWB?
Delta trike + tadpole trike + single?
Three tandems + single?
Two SWBs + LWB recumbent?
Tandem + LWB + trike?
and other combinations.

No problem.

Options for your Draftmaster:
  • Front Wheel Carrier holds up to four wheels. Hides away when not in use.
  • Topper Lok security skewer with long-throw cam. Lock your bike to the rack.
  • Security Hitch Bolt. Lock your Draftmaster to your car.
  • Secondary Fork Mount. Attaches to Sxx module - carry a short wheelbase bike.
  • Wheel Tray Adapter Kit. Carry a single or SWB when not using the Sxx module.
Standard with all Draftmasters:
  • Walk-up access to your tailgate - without removing cycles. Get at your stuff easily.
  • Rack swings back & down for easy loading. No high lifting required.
  • Cycles are always fully accessible. Get to any cycle at any time.
  • Cycles ride "in the draft" for better gas mileage.
  • Simple assembly and easy operation.
  • Easy to remove and store with our quick-connect design.
  • Modules* are interchangable to accomodate changing needs.
  • Available for 2.00" and 1.25" receivers*
  • Backed by a two year warranty.

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