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Atoc Inc. was started in 1994 in Lynnwood, Washington USA (a suburb of Seattle). We manufacture Draftmaster Hitch Rack systems, the Topper Rack Products line of specialty rooftop bicycle carriers and other cycle-related products.

Our founder Charlie Buchalter invented the pivoting fork mount system for one-person loading of tandem bicycles. Others have since copied the idea (guess he should be flattered) but a Tandem Topper is still the best, most versatile system made.

Topper Racks are available to hold anything from singles up to quad tandems - no other roof rack design has the abilities of a Topper.

Draftmaster Racks carry your cycles 'in the draft' safely and securely. Our racks are easy to load and unload and allow access to your hatch or trunk even while loaded. Models to carry up to five bikes, including tandems and recumbents and also delta and tadpole trikes, in many combinations.

If it has wheels and you have to pedal it, we make a rack to carry it!

Why We Make Racks (instead of mudflaps or toe clips or...)

It's all Nicole's fault. She would struggle to load her Cannondale tandem - single-handed - onto her Toyota, with only a set of load bars and a blanket to cushion the frame. One day she suggested that "some way to hold the forks steady on my roof rack while I lift up the rest of the tandem by myself" would be a good idea.

It was a really great idea.

It took a rocket scientist to figure it all out, but Charlie's design solved Nicole's problem -- and over the years has helped thousands of tandem owners handle their 'two-fers'.

The basic design proved so popular Charlie created Topper models to handle everything from traditional tandems and LWB recumbents to triplet, quad and even quint(!) tandems. And every model allows one person to load and unload their bike.

Two wheels and pedals? A Topper Rack can carry it.

To address the need for a strong, no-frills rack for tandems Charlie used the Topper design as the basis for the Bike Topper model series. Bike Toppers have the strength and share the Fork Forward design of the Tandem Topper, which allows very short roofline cars to carry bikes without the need for expensive base rack extension kits.

Again, the design proved so popular he added models to carry singles, recumbents and long recumbent tandems. Our BT-63 model is the only stock rack available for cruisers and CWB recumbents up to 63".

Charlie's next invention was the Topper Lok universal locking skewer for fork-mount style racks. It fits any rack with a removable 9mm skewer, be it roof, hitch or bed mounted, and can be used with any manufacturers' rack. The Topper Lok uses a common padlock instead of lock cores or custom locks/keys, so you can tether a cable lock through the shackle for added bike security.

In February 2004 Atoc acquired the Draftmaster line of receiver hitch racks and immediately began upgrading the design and expanding the capabilities of this already versatile carrier system. To the already broad capacity range (up to five bikes, including tandems and LWB recumbents, in many combinations) we added carriers for both delta- and tadpole-style trikes - and combinations with singles as well.

Two or three wheels and pedals? A Draftmaster can carry it.

What Does the Future Hold?

In January 2007 we moved to our present facility and consolidated operations. Virtually all of the manufacturing for our rack systems is done by our own employees so we can update or upgrade a design when a brilliant idea strikes us. More importantly we actually handle every part of every Draftmaster or Topper as it is being built - no 'mystery' boxes shipped through a warehouse. Our fingerprints on your rack - no extra charge.

Charlie is busy working on some new and typically innovative ideas, check back from time to time to see what's new. Atoc is proud to be an innovator, a quality leader and the made-in-USA manufacturer of the best and most versatile bicycle rack systems on the market today. If you have to pedal it, we make a rack for it.

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