Replacement Parts for Draftmaster & Topper Racks

Draftmaster and Topper Racks are built strong to last long, but Mother Nature is relentless, sometimes bits 'go missing' - and then there is the occasional 'oops!'

On this page you will find many common replacement parts to keep your rack in service. For parts not listed just give us a call at 1-800-286-2021.

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For accessories to extend or enhance the capabilities of your Draftmaster or Topper Rack see our Accessories page.

[ Draftmaster ]

Cross Arm Assembly
Normally ordered as a set of both upper and lower cross arm assemblies, but you can order them individually if necessary.
Item code: CAA-xxxx-yyzz
(Configurations vary, CAA-2100-3030 upper shown.)

[ Draftmaster ]

Connects the actual cross arm (load bar) to the rest of the Draftmaster system. Set of two with hardware.
Item code: Grip2

[ Draftmaster ]

End Caps for Cross Arms
Set of four. Imported.
Item code: DMCaps

[ Draftmaster ]

Stability Straps
Just what the name implies. These straps provide extra anti-sway stability for larger Cross Arm Assemblies. Set of two.
Item code: DmStabStrap

[ Draftmaster ]

Fork Mount Assembly
The Draftmaster system uses FMAs to mount a standard length bicycle or one of our Specialty Rails to the cross arms. Includes generic 9mm skewer and mounting screws.
Item code: FMA

[ Draftmaster ]

Quick Connect Brackets for Specialty Rails
Used to attach a Specialty Rail to the Cross Arm Assembly. Stainless. Set of two with hardware.
Item code: MK-QCB

[ Draftmaster ]
Safety Strap for Sxx
Specialty Rails
Additional security for your long two wheeler or delta trike.
Item code: DMSS-1

[ Draftmaster ]
Safety Strap for STTxx
Specialty Rails
Retention strap for tadpole trikes.
Item code: DMSS-2

[ Draftmaster ]
Spacer Clip for Front Wheel Carrier
One clip is needed for each wheel carried on the FWC.
Item code: FWCSpacer

[ Draftmaster ]
Wheel Tray Assembly
Complete tray assembly for standard single bike positions on Cross Arm Assembly. (Not for use with Specialty Rails.) Tray, wheel strap, mounting clamp, and hardware.
Item code: WTA

[ Draftmaster ]
Wheel Tray
Stub wheel tray component of Wheel Tray Assembly.
Item code: Tray

[ Draftmaster ]
Wheel Strap
Wheel strap component of Wheel Tray Assembly. Also used with Sxx and STTxx Specialty Rails.
Item code: DMWS

[ Draftmaster ]
Wheel Tray Mounting Clamp
Mounting clamp component of Wheel Tray Assembly. Set of two with hardware. Imported.
Item code: WTMC

[ Draftmaster ]
Receiver Bolt Set
Bolts for connecting your Draftmaster to your car�s receiver. Set of two bolts and lock washers for either 2.00 or 1.25 inch receivers.
Item code: BoltSet200, BoltSet125

[ Draftmaster ]
Receiver Connection Arms
Use these kits to convert the size and reach of your Draftmaster Interconnect. Includes all hardware.
Item code: RCA200, RCA200XL, RCA125

[ Draftmaster ]
Release pedal
Release pedal for Interconnect latching mechanism. Includes mounting hardware.
Item code: Pedal

[ Draftmaster ]
Safety Pin
Safety pin and lanyard for Interconnect release pedal.
Item code: DMSftPin

[ Topper ]
Mounting Clamps
Mounting clamps for attaching Toppers to Yakima or Thule load bars. Includes hardware. Imported.
Item code: Combo

[ Topper ]
Mounting Kit for top slot style
load bars
Retrofit for mounting any Topper Rack to top slot load bars. Fits Thule Rapid Aero, BMW, Mini, VW, Audi, Mercedes. Includes mounting bolts and offset bracket.
Item code: MK-2025-Tpr

[ Topper ]
Detent Pin
Detent pin and lanyard for securing the Tandem Topper pivoting feature and attaching all Topper tail beams.
Item code: DtntPin

[ Topper ]
Topper Caps
Cap set for all Toppers. Includes a complete set of end and top caps needed for any Topper model.
Item code: TprCaps

[ Draftmaster + Topper ]
Quick Release Skewer
Standard 9mm quick release skewer. Fits any fork mount with a removable 9mm skewer. Imported.
Item code: QRS

[ Draftmaster + Topper ]
TopperLok™ Security Skewer

High grade 9mm locking skewer for all fork mount racks. Long-throw cam for set-it-once convenience. Uses common padlock or ML605 shown below.
Item code: TL

[ Topper ]
Handlebar Strap
A key element to Atoc's invention of the pivoting Tandem Topper system. Stabilizes your bicycle's handlebars during loading/unloading.
Item code: HBS

[ Topper ]
WheelCrow™ Wheel Strap
Velcro™ wheel strap for all Topper and similar wheel trays. Great for high-profile rims! Includes strap and retainer.
Item code: WC

[ Draftmaster + Topper ]
Master Lock™ Padlock
for Topper Lok

Works great with Topper Lok! Imported.
Item code: ML605

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