Non-Pivoting Racks for
Tandems, Recumbents and Singles
Bike Toppers use the same basic construction as our
top-of-the-line Tandem Topper,
but without the one-person loading feature.

We make Bike Toppers for...
BT-45 & HT-47 for singles/SWBs
singles & SWB recumbents
BT-63 for CWBs & cruisers
CWB recumbents and cruisers
BT-76 for tandems & LWBs
tandems and LWB recumbents
BT-84 for recumbent tandems
and for recumbent tandems too!
All models:

  • Handle disc brakes and Low Rider pannier racks with ease.
  • Feature a full length wheel tray and infinitely adjustable wheel strap.
  • Mount to Yakima (round) & Thule (rectangular) compatible load bars with included hardware.
  • Mounting kits are also available for Thule Rapid Aero and OEM load bars from VW, Audi, Mercedes, BMW and Mini.
  • Are compatible with our Topper Lok 9mm Security Skewer - the ultimate in locking skewer systems.
  • Are a breeze to install / No assembly required.
  • High quality carriage for most tandems and LWB recumbents, including the Rans Screamer recumbent tandem.
  • Carries a single bike too without need for adjustment.
  • Features a quick disconnect removable tail section and needs a mere 22" load bar spacing.

  • Longer brother to the BT-76.
  • Handles extra long tandems and recumbent tandems like the Rans Seavo and ATP Double Vision.
  • Also carries a single without adjustment, has a quick-disconnect removable tail section.
  • Needs only 22" load bar spacing.

  • The only purpose-built roof rack for bikes bigger than a single but smaller than a tandem.
  • Carries CWB recumbents, longer-wheelbase cruisers and crank-forward bikes up to 63" wheelbase (will carry a single too).
  • Requires only 15" load bar spacing.

  • The 'High Topper' was originally designed for a randonneuring friend needing extra clearance for low front fenders and pannier racks.
  • It will do the same for you - and you don't have to ride 600km to need one!
  • Needs only 20" load bar spacing.

  • Designed to carry singles and SWB recumbents on cars with very short rooflines.
  • Atoc's unique Fork Forward design balances your bike across load bars spaced as little as 12" apart.
  • Beefier and stronger than your typical basic single bike rack.

Tandem on BT-76 Carry long bikes even on short rooflines
Long recumbent tandems fit on BT-84 Recumbent tandems are easy to carry
CWB, long cruisers and crank-forwards fit on BT-63 Sized for CWB, cruisers and crank-forwards
Fender clearance Low Rider clearance Clearance for fenders and Low Riders
BT-45 fits road or mountain bikes or SWBs Great for Shock Forks
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